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Traditional Cake Flavors, Fillings & Frostings

Traditional cake and filling choices are included in our basic pricing.

Cake Flavors

White Cream: Classic delicate white bridal cake Vanilla Yellow: Rich whole egg cake Lemon Zest: Vanilla cake with tangy Meyer lemon zest Dutch Chocolate: Lite buttermilk Dutch chocolate cake Vanilla/Chocolate Tuxedo: Yellow and chocolate cake alternately layered together Marble Swirl: Yellow and chocolate cake swirled together Chocolate Devils Food: Rich whole egg chocolate cake


Vanilla Swiss buttercream
Chocolate buttercream
Mocha cream
Lemon Cream
Lemon Curd
Bavarian Mousse
Cream Cheese

Frosting Selections

Vanilla or Chocolate Swiss Alpine Buttercream: lite and excellent for traditional cake decoration

Specialty Cake Flavors Fillings Frostings

Specialty cake and filling choices are available at an additional cost based on the size of the cake layers or tiers.

Cake Flavors

Almond Cream: toasted almonds and Amaretto in our Decadence or vanilla cake
Lemon/Almond Poppy seed: Our lemon zest or almond cream cake with poppy seed highlight
Mango Cream: Puree of mango in our vanilla cake
Banana Nut: Vanilla cake with banana puree and chopped walnuts
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle: Puree of raspberries in our Chocolate Decadence cake
Red Velvet: Lite chocolate buttermilk cake with a red cocoa highlight
Honey Spice: Full flavored with cinnamon, cloves, mace and a touch of honey
Old Country carrot Cake: Full-bodied molasses and spice cake with carrots and walnuts
Genoise: Tender vanilla or chocolate whole egg sponge
Chocolate Decadence: Ultra dense dark chocolate cake


Burnt Almond: Caramelized toasted almond mousse . . . a creme brulee
Oreo Cookie Mousse: Crushed Oreo cookies with a Dutch chocolate highlight
Chocolate Mint Cookies & Cream: Lite vanilla mousse with mint and crushed mint Oreo Cookies
Italian Canolli Cream: Ricotta/custard chocolate, almonds and a touch of orange zest
Mocha Chip: Espresso mousse and shaved dark chocolate
Pecan Cream Cheese: Cream wit candied Georgia pecans
Marzipan Cream: Spanish almond paste blended with a delicate almond meringue
German Chocolate: Praline filling of coconut and pecans
Raspberry Napoleon: Accent of Raspberry [puree with bavarian mousse
Fresh Strawberry (Seasonal): Sliced fresh strawberries folded into vanilla mousse
Fresh Fruit Basket (Seasonal): Mixed berries and kiwi folded into vanilla mousse
Ganache, Dark or White Chocolate: Classic velvety truffle filling of cream and chocolate
Mango Mousse: Puree of Manila mangos and Bavarian mousse
Tiramisu: Italian rum custard, espresso and cocoa
Bailey’s Butter Brickle: Blend of mousse with Bailey's and crushed butter brickle candy
Princess: Custard with raspberry and a highlight of rum

Frostings Selections

Vanilla or Chocolate Bavarian Mousse: Blend of whipped cream and custard
Poured white or chocolate ganache: Ultra rich and ultra smooth
Marzipan: Smooth natural wrap of Spanish almond paste
Rolled white chocolate fondant: Classic French fondant with added white chocolate,
for contemporary designs